YB Realty Testimonials

Candice’s help me find the perfect office for my business.

She really made the process so easy. I recommend her to anyone looking for a new place. Thank you Candice.

Raul Quiñones

Alan made buying a home simple.

My wife and I experieneced agents who just wanted to sell the product. We actually looked at and were interested in a house. We wanted a second opinion because it's a big decision. That's when I met Alan. We went and saw the house with Alan. Alan quickly noticed faults in the home that were masked. Alan saved us thousands there. The home buying process took us a long time and we never felt rushed or that we had to jump into things. Alan wants his clients to find the house they can call a home. Alan's knowledge surpassed all other agents and even noticed things during our home inspection that were missed. I highly recommend Alan as your agent.

John H.

Alan's knowledge of real estate and concern for his client far surpasses other real estate agents.

When Alan tells you he's going to get it done, not only does he get it done but it's better then what you thought you even wanted. "Overcommit and over deliver" was what he kept saying and that's exactly what he did! We were first time home buyers and Alan walked us through EVERY step of the process. At the end of the process, we were told by not only our attorney but the sellers realtor that Alan was great to work with. You just feel very well taken care of when you're Alan's client!!

Eric F.

Alan is the best realtor we have ever met in our 13+ years of real estate experience.

He has spent more than 6 months with us, showed us more 40+ homes and he was energetic and enthusiastic during every single visit. We changed our plans from a renovation home, to a finished home, then to a Lot for ground up building and then finally settled on a finished home - never had we seen any anguish on his face nor bitterness in his voice during the relationship. In this business when realtors start pushing for a decision after the second showing, we liked Alan's approach when he said that his goal is to represent our well being at all times. He was very responsive and also pulled up others in the team (bankers/attorneys/seller's realtor etc) when there were delays or roadblocks. In short, Alan was our one-stop contact during the entire process and we would strongly recommend him to anyone.

Sid Kalbar

Alan helped my wife and I get our first home.

He’s very relaxed, easy to get along with, and not pushy. I originally assumed all realtors were your typical businessmen trying to get you to buy a house quick, but that wasn’t the case at all. Any time we wanted to see a house, he was quick to schedule viewings and meet us there. If we didn’t like it, he never tried to change our minds. He’s also knowledgeable in aspects of construction, so he can spot if work was done correctly or if it has flaws. We actually learned quite a bit just from our walkthroughs with him. As expected, we were met with some initial disappointments on our home search. Whether it being someone getting into a contract before us, or sellers backing out of a contract with us. Alan continued to motivate us, and together we found a house we were all happy with. He also didn’t know we were expecting throughout our search. He knew we wanted a home to raise our future family in, but he wasn’t aware of how soon our family was coming. We finally revealed it to him when we found our house during the inspection, and he was as ecstatic as a family member would be. So to us, Alan went from being our realtor to our friend. Thank you, Alan!

Michael Quiles

Alan was amazing when helping us to buy our first house.

He helped us with making the process seamless and get us into the perfect fit home. We are now living in the town we always wanted and in a home that we can live in forever.

K Peterson

I worked with Alan for the first time this spring and really can't say enough good things about him.

He was always willing to meet at any time including mornings ,evenings and weekends. He's very knowledgeable, professional and personable. He answered any questions I had and really explained every part of the process clearly and thoroughly. Buying a home is such an exciting time and scary all at once but Alan made it as painless and straightforward as possible. I highly recommend him.


I am so very glad that I was referred to Rudy Pierre.

He came highly recommended & you can believe I have already passed out his business cards to at least five friends. He was very professional, the response time was immediate & I have only good things to say about the service I received. He is at the top of my list for contacts when it comes to selling or purchasing a house. Thank you for this opportunity to share with others that Rudy is the realtor you want to have in your corner when it comes to buying or selling your home. I am one very satisfied customer.

Lila Davis

Ms Candice’s help me find the perfect home for my family.

She really made the process very easy. I recommended her to anyone looking for a new home .Thank you Ms Candice. You are the Best!

Elsa Criollo Peña

Alan is a smart, dedicated, honest and personable professional who knows the market and sold our house in record time.

He is a rising star in real estate. Thank you, Alan!

Leslie G.

Tom was a pleasure to work with!

I was working with a tight budget and a time crunch and he helped me secure an apartment that is a perfect fit me for me. He always responds to my messages no matter the day/time and he was so helpful in working around my super busy schedule. He is super professional yet down to earth; he speaks to you as a peer and is genuinely aware of your needs and wants in property. I went from viewing an apartment to moving in all in a week's time and I couldn't have done with without Tom! He took my stressful moving situation and turned it into a smooth transition into my new place. If you're moving and not sure where to start, call Tom! You will not be disappointed!

Arielle L

Let me start by saying that Alan is an amazing realtor.

Always honest, ready with info on the homes my husband and I wanted to see, always on time and squeezed us in even when he had a busy schedule! He helped us find our dream home!

Nery Coste

As a first-time homebuyer, I didn't know what to expect however I met Rudy and he is absolutely amazing.

He listens and really paid attention to the needs of my family and what we were looking for. He is a true professional, always on time, responsive and most of all HONEST. I am now in the house of my dreams and he made the process totally seamless. I would recommend him without reservations.

Eveth Green

My husband and I were so happy to work with Rudy throughout the process of buying our new home.

Rudy was knowledgeable about so much and answered our never-ending questions about everything, ranging from questions about furnaces and foundations to questions about the characteristics of different towns and communities in Fairfield County. We'd recommend Rudy to anyone going through the home buying process - his patience and knowledge are unbeatable.

Colleen Deasy

Alan made our home buying experience easy and we honestly couldn't have found a better person to find and put us into the house of our dreams.

He helped us at every step of the way and was always available when we needed him, making the process so much easier and very stress-free. I would use him again and will always recommend him to my friends and family or anyone looking to purchase a home. He's the man for the job

Dan R.

I had a great experience with Thomas Cody.

As a first time homebuyer, I did not know what to expect and didn’t know half of what goes into buying a home. Tom explained to me everything I needed to know every step of the way and made this overwhelming process so much easier for me. He was patient, flexible, responsive, and always had my best interest in mind.

Victoria C

As a first-time homebuyer, I had NO IDEA what to expect so I brought my VERY OPINIONATED Italian family with me every time.

Not only was Rudy knowledgeable and attentive, he was also a good sport. He laughed and joked around with us instead of getting annoyed. It didn't matter what time of day it was if I had a question he would respond within minutes. Rudy worked around our demanding work schedules and listen to our wants and needs. I am almost certain he gave up every Saturday to help us find a home. Rudy will be our number one invite to our housewarming party. He's awesome!!!!

Melissa Montanaro

Rudy worked tirelessly to help us find our dream home.

When he schedules an appointment with you, he meets you at that scheduled time. He is a professional to the true sense of the word. He knows his craft and negotiated well on our behalf. It did not matter when we tried to reach him, he would respond quickly with suggestions and would always listen to our needs and concerns. We will without a doubt recommend Rudy to anyone we know who is in the market for a home or to sell one.

Pierre Dupuy

I was a first time home buyer and had no idea where to begin.

However, after speaking with Rudy, he was able to thoroughly guide me throughout the entire process. Any questions or concerns I've ever had, Rudy always got back to me in a timely manner with the information I needed and more. Oftentimes, I got very overwhelmed, yet Rudy was always there to reassure me that everything was going to be fine. Working with Rudy was definitely a memorable experience! He's resourceful, knowledgeable, and professional. But most importantly, he helped me to find that perfect home!

Karen Jackson

Alan was an excellent communicator on all of the complicated issues related to buying a property.

He was extremely helpful, aware of our concerns, and responsive to all of our questions. He was very thoughtful and easy to relate to and made me feel comfortable that I was getting the best deal while he was at the table. I would like to recommend Alan for any of my friends or family that are considering purchasing real estate.

Shaanan Domshine

In working with this man, he was courteous, helpful and very informative in my first time renting out an apartment in my home.

He was on time, had done his ground work and did what he said he was going to do for me. I highly recommend this gentleman for any further needs that I might have.

Elizabeth S

Words can't describe how blessed we were to work with Alan.

We would recommend him to everyone who is looking to buy or sell. He was patient and incredibly responsive to all our questions and needs. His professionalism, knowledge, timely responses, and his immeasurable effort from start to finish were beyond our expectations. We were extremely impressed how he always took into consideration our requests. Also, how he handled the whole process of selling our current home and finding us our new home. It was not about just making a sale he always went the extra mile! We are very grateful for your excellent services, dedication, and prompt response.

April Szarmach

Alan was a great real estate agent throughout the buying process.

I felt well informed, as Alan does a good job of researching a property prior to looking. I also thought Alan showed exceptional patience in helping me acquire my first home, as a few of my purchase attempts fell through, but we ultimately ended up with the best purchase for my individual situation. Alan clearly has a strong knowledge of the cities and towns throughout Connecticut, and stays up to date on the various factors that may impact future buyers (Property taxes, zoning/neighborhoods, and potential for future increase in valuation). Going forward Alan could probably benefit from checking his emails and texts, just for typos, to ensure a more professional appearance. I would recommend Alan, he's a very insightful and friendly agent who fights strongly for you as a buyer. As a first time home buyer, I would select Alan before any of the other agents that contacted me leading up to my purchase.

Andrew Prince

Working with Alan was the best decision we made.

He is very professional, honest, and did not push us one way or another while searching for houses. He was in it to find us OUR dream home – and he did just that! Alan was responsive day and night to our questions and needs, and really went above and beyond every step of the way for us. Alan worked quickly with negotiations as well with the seller’s side. We are thrilled in our new home and can’t thank Alan enough! I highly recommend Alan and urge anyone reading this to give him a chance. He’s eager to build his career on helping to educate his clients on the home buying process and he puts his clients needs as his #1 priority.

Allie Hale

I worked with Alan for the first time this spring and really can't say enough good things about him.

He was always willing to meet at any time including mornings, evenings and weekends. He's very knowledgeable, professional and personable. He answered any questions I had and really explained every part of the process clearly and thoroughly. Buying a home is such an exciting time and scary all at once but Alan made it as painless and straightforward as possible. I highly recommend him.

Sandra R

Alan went above and beyond in his duties to help purchase my new home.

It was refreshing to have an honest and good person with me when making such a big investment. I highly recommend Alan for all of your real estate buying or selling needs as he is always available and will always act in your best interest.

Howard B.

Rudy made the whole process so comfortable.

He is very knowledgeable and was quick to give me answers and guide me in buying my home. No matter what time I called him or text he responded back quickly. I will use him again when purchasing a home or property in the future.

Lorenzo Pittman

Upon meeting Rudy, he was very professional, articulate, and gave me a thorough overview of the home buying process.

He and I had clear and open communication throughout. Rudy was dedicated to helping me find the home of my dreams, and that he did!

Crystal Bruce

Rudy is a very personable agent and he knows what it takes to sell your home.

He focused on stand out parts of my home and matched them perfectly with a lovely family. It was the professional way to sell a home instead of showing the home to every Tom Dick and Harry hoping someone would bite. Thanks again Rudy!

Veronica Turner

Diego helped me find my new home.

He proved to be a great agent, the best I have encountered as I felt he really tried to understand what I was looking for. He's also very positive and makes the buying process fun. If you are thinking about selling or buying, Diego Ubillus is the way to go.


Alan is a outstanding agent for starters.

I’ll explain, from the minute I contacted him via a friend referral he was easy going. Never made me or my wife feel obligated of anything, at this time we knew he was gonna be our agent. Alan before showing a house does his professional research and findings to best advice you of the home qualities. He knows the market in CT very well and guide my wife and I as we are New Yorkers and Alan an expert in these types of transitions. More importantly he made efforts and delivered every single time we requested anything. He even involved his one of kind staff who I felt just as comfortable with. Alan D. Stewart is a man of his word and for that he went from being our realtor to being our family. I appreciate you Alan. Keep up the great work

Guillermo Olivo

My experience with Alan was absolutely extraordinary!

His knowledge and understanding gave me peace of mind. My situation was probably the most difficult to handle and Alan never gave up. He stayed positive and motivated the whole time. After selling my house with a very limited time restraint, he sold my house in a week for over asking price twice!!! Long story short, deal fell through, had to sell it again in over a short time and he sold in less than two weeks. He’s a blessing, truly. His negotiating skills are 2nd to none. He also suggest the right person to get us approved. I’m happy to say our house is sold and we have our dream home as of today. I talked to a few agents and they said my house would never sell for what I wanted to. Alan begged to differ and sold it for more than what we could imagine. This guy is the best of the best. Honestly, you have to go with Alan, he gets more than what you think you can get it for. It's a no-brainer. Hes the guy!!

Christian Gutierrez

Rudy Pierre is top notch!

When searching for real estate properties, he listened to what we were looking for and advised us during the complete process always representing our best interests! He is very knowledgeable and professional. Looking forward to working with him again.

Adrianna Ramirez

I was new to the Stamford area and Diego was very helpful and attentive to my queries and requests.

He responded to my requests right away and made tailored suggestions for places we should look at. In the end, he helped me get a wonderful apartment in downtown Stamford which has been exceeding my expectations so far! I would definitely recommend Diego to anyone looking to move to this area!

Monojit S.

Working with Rudy on obtaining my first home was the best choice I ever made.

He was referred by a friend. He was extremely professional and reliable. Educating me about everything involving owning a home. Having a realtor that was able to honestly help me find a home that will not only fit my budget but my lifestyle is an impeccable trait that Rudy possesses. Considering that I was quite clueless about the process of owning a home. Rudy made it a seamlessly easy process using not only his knowledge but also connections to help make this experience a little less tedious. His patience often stunned me. Since I can be quite difficult at times. Rudy is quite attentive, pays attention to details and possesses a problem solver mindset these traits I believe were of most importance in me acquiring my first home.

Keena Sawyers


what can I say... Purchasing a new home can be very stressful for anyone, especially not knowing what to expect when it's your first. Our realtor Diego was there every step of the way for us. He was always available if we had any questions or concerns day or night. All we had to do was call or text. In addition, He always encouraged us to keep on going and to never give up, since there were times where we just wanted to throw in the towel and call it quits, when we though we were not going to be accepted for our mortgage. I admire Diego for his patients, mannerism, professionalism, and diligence. We will always be grateful to have met and worked with a person like Diego, and will always keep him in mind if we ever do decide to purchase another property. Keep up the good work!

The Alvarez Family

Working with Rudy was truly phenomenal.

I lived 4+ hours away while looking for places, and Rudy made the whole process effortless. He was on top of everything from the beginning till the end. I especially liked the online singing of paperwork, as well as his text/email updates.

Jacob Jubin

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