The 4 Phases to Getting your Home Ready to be Sold!

Dated: April 2 2021

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The 4 Phases to Getting your Home  Ready to be Sold!

by Wali Muhammad

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After deciding to sell your house, there are four phases to getting your home sold. I am here to walk you through them, to detail what they are and what they mean to get your home sold.

The four phases to getting your home sold are:

  1. Purge
  2. Clean
  3. Picture
  4. Listing


During the Purge phase, the key objective is to cull the clutter, by eliminating the items that will not make the move to your next location with you. This is when you get your Marie Kondo on! I like to think of it this way:

  • Discard items with no remaining useful life 
  • Donate items with remaining useful life, that have lower resale value. 
  • Sell items that have a high resale value.

Discarding items is self-explanatory, however, a donation can be two-fold. It could mean giving the items away to friends and family or an organization like Goodwill, Salvation Army, or local churches and charities.

Selling items on social media sites like Facebook Marketplace, Letgo, and eBay can at the very least get you a bit of folding cash for your move and help to reduce the stress of throwing away and donating, items that once had value to you and your family.


Now that we have relieved your house of some of its clutter, that which remains are items that eventually will be packed and moved to your new home. With that said it is time to start cleaning.

During the Clean phase, the key objective is to clean and organize your remaining items in preparation for pictures and listing. Choose an area in your home that will not be photographed, to store items in your “Keep” category and before you start on projects you think need to get done, I would recommend you get a home inspection.

Why a home inspection

A home inspection, as I said in my article “A Crack in Winter’s Crown” is one of the first things a new buyer, of your home, will do. So why not play offense, and get ahead of their requests, by knowing what needs to be done.  This also will give you a project list, and a clearer timeline to when you can get your home ready to be sold.

After the home inspection and projects, it has been completed, it is time to complete the cleaning of the home and final organization.


Are you ready for your photoshoot?

Once you get to the Picture phase the fun is about to begin. The goal of this phase is to take pictures of your home that make a buyer want to see more. This phase does not only include still pictures but can also include video and 360 video walkthroughs using tools like Matterport.

The better the pictures the better the experience potential buyers will have. Of course, you can take pictures with your cellphone, or you can have a professional do it and make your home look spectacular.


We have reached the final phase of getting your home sold. The goal of this phase is to market your home to get it from “For Sale” to “SOLD!”

In the Listing Phase, we market your home on as many channels as possible, including but not limited to, the Multiple Listing Service and conducting strategic open house events.

Give me a call to set up a listing presentation to see all the steps I take and the tools I use to get your home sold. I can be reached at (203) 654-3753. We at the Ideal Solutions Team, take pride in helping you find your Ideal Solution in Real Estate. Let’s get it sold together!


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