Dear Seller, I love your house

Dated: August 17 2020

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A buyer’s love letter

I know this may sound old school, and classify me as a “Boomer”, but a written letter to a seller of a home as part of your offer is pure gold. There are very competitive markets here in Connecticut and the added touch of a personalized letter may be the very difference between, you having the opportunity to buy the house you love or losing it to someone else.

It is not uncommon to be faced with a “Multiple Offer Situation” in this market, so finding a way for your offer to stand out is key, why not a “Love Letter?!”

Grab the heart guitar and pluck at a few strings, while you show your authentic self to gain sympathy for your home buying journey and drive the seller to say yes to you.

Below are some example letters I borrowed from a fellow realtor in Texas, Isabel Affinito

These examples are creative ways to turn the attention to you as a person versus numbers on a page.

Exhibit #1: Pflugerville Family Values


We really enjoyed seeing your home, so much so that we would love to make it our home! It’s so obvious what great care you’ve taken of the home. We’ve been looking for our first home for many months now, and we hope that our search is over! We love the neighborhood and the community of Pflugerville overall and feel that this home may be our best and only chance of realizing our dream of residency.  

I am the lead technician for AUTOMOTIVE COMPANY, and SPOUSE/PARTNER is a recognized 1st-grade “Teacher of Promise” for AISD. We have been together for almost 10 years and we are ready to start our family! 

We feel that a home is where a family makes their best memories. Your home gave us a feeling of being able to make those memories come true. After months of walking in houses and not having that “feeling”, we were so excited the moment we came through your door. It felt like home!

As outdoor enthusiasts, the neighborhood is a perfect fit for our lifestyle. Our dog loves to run trails and swim, we love to hike and bike and our family would love to relax at the lake. 

As first-time home buyers, we’ve found the competition in buying a home in this price range to be tough. Unfortunately, we may not be able to compete on price with all buyers. All we can do is tell you how much we want to make it our new home, and how serious we are about moving forward if you’ll consider our offer. We wish you the best of luck in your sale, and hope to hear good news from you soon!



Exhibit #2: Charmingly Artsy Austinites

To the homeowners of ADDRESS,

We want to write you a letter to describe our situation and immense interest in your beautiful house.

We are young professionals, born and raised in Branford, CT and have been happily married for 2 years. BUYER-1 is a specialized personal chef with a biochemistry degree and SPOUSE/PARTNER is a website developer/engineer with amazing artistic talent. SPOUSE/PARTNER has a website with murals he has completed all over Connecticut, in case you’re interested it is WEBSITE.

We have been saving to buy our first home together and we have absolutely fallen in love with your house. We see how everything about the house is perfect for our lifestyle and future family. We can see ourselves, and our future children, loving, living, and sharing in your home. We actually went to Walsh Elementary and Branford high school ourselves.

We love the layout, design, and quality of your house. It really has everything we are looking for, plus more! The treehouse is beautifully creative and the art studio is just what we imagined we would have. The mural, bathroom, and butterfly garden are just a few things we find extremely unique and adorable about the house. We love how well the house has been taken care of and all the astonishing details. We would definitely keep this house in pristine condition while enjoying its natural beauty daily. We would really love it if you would please consider our offer for your house. It is our dream house; we have been searching for a home just like this one.

Thank you for your time,


Exhibit #3: A Love-able Low-Ball (This is below asking but look how adorable we are!)

Dear Homeowners,

We have promised ourselves that we would not fall in love with a house before it was ours, but we just couldn’t help ourselves when we walked into your home. It didn’t take any imagination to see our family living there and loving it.

We are currently a family of three (BUYER-1, SPOUSE/PARTNER, CHILD age 1) and two cats (Gus and Puck). Although we only recently moved to the New Haven Area, we are excited to put down roots and buy our first home.

BUYER-1 graduated high school here and my parents moved to Guilford 2 years ago.

We immediately knew your home was special and there is no doubt that this home has been very well cared for. The beautiful open living area and fantastic kitchen are incredibly appealing to us as we love to host and entertain family and friends. We can’t say how amazing the back yard is! The patio area, lawn, swing set, large trees, and it’s private, we can’t find anything wrong with it.

We realize our offer is below asking and would love to put in a more attractive bid, but this is the very top of our budget. Living in this home may just be a fantasy but we knew we had to at least try. Thank you so very much for your time.

Best wishes,


These letters are only templates to give you a base of conversation, feel free to modify them to fit your situation, style, and personality.

Remember the seller doesn’t know you so the general formula is to identify:

  •          Who we are?
  •          Why we love your home
  •          Heart Guitar, pluck those strings

·         Acknowledge if it is a low offer but deliver it softly with comments like “We love your home, and though the asking price is more than we can afford, we wanted to ask.”

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (203) 654-3753 or email the Ideal Solutions Team at


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