New York Broker Fee Ban...What are Connecticut Fees?

Dated: February 12 2020

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This week during our “What’s In the News” segment, Justin and I spoke about a new ban in New York of brokers fees for renters. Besides remembering looking for an apartment with one of my best friends from High School, only to find one in “East Williamsburg” (If you know you will laugh if you don’t, that’s okay). I remembered how much we ended up paying the agent who helped us.  His commission was amazing! He was able to secure a full month rent from us, representing only one side of the deal. In Connecticut, that is unheard of. 

Here in Connecticut:

1.       The real estate commission is normally paid by the owner, not the renter

2.       The typical commission is one month rent, that is shared between the listing agent (the agent who publicly advertises the property) and the tenant/buyers agent (the agent providing the tenant/buyer)

With the new rent law legislation signed last June, tenants are afforded more protection, however, there is still much confusion as to how this will affect real estate agents. On Monday they placed the ban on hold after considerable pushback by local realtors. Maybe they will use a model similar to what Connecticut has, where the commission is shared between the two agents, where representing both sides, the landlord and the tenant is the only way to get a full month’s rent as commission. What are your thoughts?

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