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Money Saving Tip Monday


It's Monday, which means I have a new Money Saving Tip for you! Today’s money saving tip relates to combating bad shopping habits. Have you ever gone shopping for a certain item and end up leaving with a bunch of items you didn’t need? If so, this money saving tip is for you! 


It’s so easy to get carried away with spending too much while going shopping. Not going into a store prepared can be detrimental to your finances in the long run. Below are some techniques to help you prepare for shopping and save money.


1.      Create a Shopping List

Whether you are going shopping for clothes or for food, create a shopping list beforehand. Go through your closet and/or kitchen, see what items you’re missing and write those items down. Come up with a very specific shopping list of only those items you really need. If you are putting together a certain outfit, see what part of the outfit you need in order to complete the look and only buy that/those item(s). Likewise, if you are making a meal, buy the items on the recipe and only those items. Don’t forget your shopping list at home. Create the habit of using a shopping list and you’ll end up saving a lot of money in the long run.


2.      Use Coupons 

Coupons are highly underutilized in the money saving world, but can really add up to great savings. After you make your shopping list, go online, on an app, check your emails, or coupon book to see if any of those items you have on your list have a coupon attached to them. It’s pointless to buy something full price, when there may be a coupon for it. If coupon books are not your thing, there are many apps for coupons such as, Ebates, RetailMeNot, Groupon, Shopular and many more. These days, there is an app for almost all of your favorites stores. So go to your app store now and never miss out on great savings!


3.      Know your Spending Limit

Plan ahead of time and create a shopping budget. Set aside money for spending on food and clothes. This will help you know what number you cannot go above. Write your spending limit amount at the top of your shopping list as a reminder to yourself to stay within your shopping budget. Staying within budget is a great feeling and that great feeling will help you to sustain your new money saving habits!


I hope you guys enjoyed this Money Saving Tip Monday! These tips are a lifesaver for me and I hope you’re able to utilize them in your daily lives as well! To receive weekly Money Saving Tips, subscribe to My Youtube Channel and sign up on my website as well so you don’t miss out!



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