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Dated: 01/28/2019

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Money Saving Tip Monday

It's Monday, which means I have a new Money Saving Tip for you! In today's world, apps are an essential part of our everyday lives. When it comes to saving money, here are a few of my favorite FREE apps that help me keep track of my spending and save money.


The Mint App helps keep track of everyday finances with its up to date snapshot of your accounts. You can connect your bank accounts, pay your monthly bills, create a categorical budget and keep track of your credit score all from the MINT app. My favorite part about this app is that it tracks my spending habits and alerts me when I go over my budget. This has helped me to develop an even better awareness of my budget and financial goals. This app is great for everyone, especially if you want to track your finances all from one place.


Stride Tax –Mileage Tracker

I love the Stride Tax App, especially since I’m a realtor and do a ton of driving. The Stride Tax App helps you track your expenses so you can write them off come tax time. I really appreciate this app because it can be really hard to track write offs such as work mileage. It’s great to be able to open the app and have a clear receipt of your actual work mileage. Stride Tax also has a great IRS- ready tax report so you don’t have to worry later on regarding documentation. 


Credit Karma

Although Credit Karma is not a complete representation of your credit score, Credit Karma has given me a good idea of what range my credit score is in. My favorite tool on the app is the breakdown of my total credit card balances, auto loans and student loans. I can see them as both a combined number or an individual itemization. It’s a great way to start tracking your debt to income ratio as well, especially when it comes time to purchase a home or investment property.

I hope you guys enjoyed this Money Saving Tip Monday! These apps are a lifesaver for me and I hope you’re able to utilize them in your daily lives as well! To receive weekly Money Saving Tips, subscribe to my YouTube channel MY CHANNEL and sign up on my website as well so you don’t miss out!



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